Kailee Mills Foundation

Monthly Content Plan

Here's what we're thinking.

Bella Media has had the privilege of partnering with the Kailee Mills Foundation for the last XX years, and we’re proud of the work that we’ve accomplished together during that time. We’re excited by the possibilities that the future holds as and are committed to your goals. However, as the foundation continues to grow, we understand the importance of maximizing your resources to reach as wide an audience as possible. That’s why we’ve designed this monthly¬†content plan. By creating a regular cadence of content, we believe that the Kailee Mills Foundation can reach a wider audience and build a stronger connection with their supporters, all while using their resources more efficiently.

The Process Loop

1 - Map it out

We will work with you to create a comprehensive social media strategy that aligns with your overall marketing goals and target audience. Then, each month we’ll map out 30 pieces of photo, video, and stylized text content that can be posted across your social and traditional media channels.

2. Make it happen.

Our team will spend one day each month capturing content. This could include a mix of interviews, behind-the-scenes images, PSAs, events, and more. Then we’ll create the next 30 posts from the content we captured, and schedule them for posting to your social media accounts,¬†ensuring that they are optimized for each specific platform and audience.

3. Measure and adjust.

This is where the real magic happens. Rather than just post and see what happens, we’ll work with you to track engagement across all channels and see what’s working, and what’s not. We can then apply that information to mapping out the next month to ensure your content is always up to date and relevant to the needs of your organization.

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